What is the difference between a urban nest and the one found

What is the difference between a urban nest and the one found

The difference to the untrained eye may not appear as strong as the nests both are made up of gathered materials. In urban areas, however, the materials can greatly vary in what squirrels think would suit them the best. In other words, these can consist out of paper, cardboard, foam and other kinds of material deemed suitable to make their stay as comfortable as possible. In contrast to the natural nest which is primarily made up of branches, leaves, grass, moss, tree bark, and shredded leaves all lined up to make a bowl-like shape. Squirrels’ nests or dreys as they are formally called are usually up in a tree no more than 30 feet above the ground. Adult squirrels have the habit of making several dreys as a safeguard against fleas and other pests that may plague the grey. Adult squirrels in urban areas generally nest in two spots that mimic their natural surroundings. Either they make nests in chimneys and in enclosed spaces. The reason why they choose to do so is that it simulates tree hollows and squirrel nests.

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Squirrels usually give birth to 3 young twice a year usually where they are dependent on their mother for about five to eight weeks. During this time squirrel young are in their most vulnerable stages in their early development and cannot fend for themselves. Add in that father squirrels will hunt down baby squirrels and will kill them to literally weed out the competition.

Certain squirrels will create a latrine close to their nest and will do their business close to it which is not a problem in the open nature but will create a cesspool of creeping and crawling bacteria everywhere. Squirrels can easily transmit disease with their feces and urine. Attics are often neglected where wear and tear almost have become the norm. When floors are antiquated liquids have a chance to seep through the ceiling.

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