Do trees increase the chance of squirrels entering my attic?

Do trees increase the chance of squirrels entering my attic?

Not necessarily, you see squirrels are great climbers and the ones that have been born in urban areas can use their natural abilities to take advantage of the already man-made structures to access buildings. They can use several ways to climb their way up such as using drainage pipes or wall vents installed along the wall. Squirrels can exploit vulnerable points throughout your house which they can bite, chew, and even scratch through if the material is was enough. Usually, aluminum vent covers installed on the roof are weak enough to chew through. Many materials used on vents’ covers are not as strong as many people think they are. Professionals for this reason use galvanized steel mesh to ensure that these spaces are impenetrable during the last and final stage of the exclusion process. 

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Wildlife that has adapted to the urban living environment and knows how to successfully manipulate structures to their advantage. In nature, trees are the preferred nesting area of squirrels, but as more squirrels have emigrated towards urban areas they have taken alternative nesting areas such as attics and chimneys their main ones in the city. 

Chimneys cause a lot of issues when squirrels nest in them. Squirrels have a really bad perception and thus often get stuck. Usually when the chimney is not that deep mature squirrels might easily exit the chimney whereas smaller squirrels are stuck in there, When the situation is really dire where neither the mature squirrel nor the baby squirrel can escape they all perish. When all squirrels die they unleash an unbearable stench that can permeate through the house. In that case, you will need to hire a bricklayer and an exterminator to take the chimney apart, take the squirrels out, and then rebuild it.

The best way to handle this is to hire a licensed wildlife control technician. Wildlife control technicians are specialized in the safe and ethical removal of the different wildlife animals that roam the Greater Toronto Area. Wildlife control services like the company name have dedicated individuals who have been in the business for well over a decade.

With all that said it is important that you consider hiring a wildlife control service such as Animal Control Hamilton as your first option. Many people are hesitant to hire a pest control service as many think it will be expensive and time-consuming. It actually is the opposite. It is very affordable which offers you long-term.