How can I fix a squirrel entry-point?

How can I fix a squirrel entry-point?

Multiple sources suggest different materials to get the job done, However just sealing up holes will not just help the situation, but will present you with unforeseen consequences as well. Sealing a squirrel-entry point is not as clear cut as it seems as it requires knowledge on the squirrel’s habits and behaviour to make sure you did exclude the squirrels or squirrel in question. Many people look for online DIY methods in the hope that it will save them time and money, but will end up getting the opposite due to their lack of know-how and underestimating the situation grossly. Many DIYers end up spending a lot of their time and money that most likely ends up in frustration and disappointment. Fortunately for them, professional wildlife control services exist such as Squirrel Control Hamilton where many licensed and experienced wildlife control technicians work. These technicians have years of experience in ridding properties of wildlife animals that include squirrels, but as well as raccoons, bats, skunks, and a whole host of other wildlife animals that roam the Greater Toronto Area. 

In case you do want to take the DIY route, here is what you need to do. However, this will not guarantee a successful exclusion:

Inspection – In most cases, squirrels will intrude your attic through the soffit. A soffit or eave is an architectural feature that runs throughout the underside of the eave. Squirrels find ways to push a panel out that can lead to the attic. For this, a ladder is required.

Exclusion – This is the next step. Many professionals take an active approach in taking the squirrels out by mounting a One-Way-Door. The door is attached after it is confirmed that every other space is vacant, but one. A One-Way-Door is a tunnel-like contraption that leads to a door that can only be exited by passing through the door. Once the squirrel passed the door, the squirrel is essentially locked out. The squirrel will find another place elsewhere. 

Sealing – This is the actual step to ensure that the squirrels stay out. Professionals use galvanized steel mesh and will cut it and tailor its size. The material is resistant to weather, biting, gnawing, and scratching. Online sources suggest that Stainless steel mesh, sheet metal, or aluminum flashing can work. Sealing is the last and final step. It is done after it is confirmed that the last space is vacant after the squirrel exits through the One-Way Door.

People who are plagued by wildlife, unfortunately, hire a wildlife control technician after they have exhausted all their options. When suspecting wildlife calling a reputable wildlife control service like Animal Control Hamilton should be the first and last option as calling a professional resolves the issue definitively. Call 289-201-9189 for a free consultation or to book an appointment.