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Bird Removal Hamilton

Bird control Hamilton. Bird control is a set of processes that limit the activities of birds. We offer control solutions that aim at limiting the activities of birds such as crows, pigeons, sparrows and seagulls. We do so by installing deterrents in roofing that prevent birds from landing and roosting on roofs and other areas.

Our bird control technicians install bird spikes or bird netting to obstruct pigeons from getting back to the places they’ve chosen to roost, perch or nest. The birds will be compelled to proceed to a different place, should you make affected areas inaccessible.

Such deterrents can be very effective if placed on beams, ledges, signs, windowsills, roof lines, eaves, and other areas pigeons have determined to land. Our technicians will also provide recommendations on covering or removing food and water sources that can potentially attract the birds in the first place.

We provide bird control solutions for pigeons, crows, seagulls. Call us today to book an inspection with our technicians. Hamilton, Burlington, Stoney Creek, Grimsby, Beamsville, Ancaster, Brantford.


Bird Removal Hamilton

Bird removal and control solutions in Hamilton.

Birds will nest just about anywhere on your property on Hamilton, including wall vents, roof vents, soffits, and roofs. A bird’s nest is not always neat and tidy and will extend over several feet in a chimney or vent. At Animal Control, we assess your entire premises and advise on what we find.

Birds are often noisy, especially when they are nesting and their young are hungry. A bird’s entry point can be identified by protruding material, bird droppings, and broken vents. Our experts at Animal Control will locate all the bird nests in your property and determine the best method of removal.

Simply repairing an open vent is not a good idea, since the mother will find another way to enter and feed her chicks. Our trained professionals will assess the age of the birds and determine the best way to remove them. At Animal Control, we practice humane bird and pest removal. Inhumane trapping, killing, and relocation of animals are controlled by strict laws all over the world. We will take an active step to educate you so that you understand how our bird removal methods meet these requirements.  Contact us for more information about our humane bird removal strategies.

Bird Inspection Services

Birds contribute a lot towards outdoor recreation and the overall enjoyment of nature. They prey on rats, insects, and snakes keeping their population in check. While birds are good for the environment, they can be a menace when they invade our property. Hawks will prey on young farm animals; pigeons will build nests in your roof and cause a lot of disturbance. In case you have noticed a flock of birds are nesting in your property, it important to get the help of a professional wildlife removal service such as Animal Control.

Birds can cause a lot of damage to your home and business premises. This can cost a lot in repairs, and it could also pose a huge safety risk to you and your family. Birds carry ticks, mites fleas as well as some diseases.

It is therefore important to carry out an inspection service to determine what birds have invaded your property, where they are, and how they got it. At Animal Control, our trained personnel will carry out a thorough inspection of your property. We will advise you on the best method to humanely remove the birds, and what measures you can take to bird-proof your property so that they do not return. Contact us for more information about our Bird Inspection Services in Hamilton

Trapping and Exclusion Services

Controlling birds is not as easy as it may seem. The mobility of their nests is often a challenge and risk to most people, and that is why it is important not to attempt to remove the nests by yourself. The secret to preventing birds from nesting in your Hamilton property is to deny them a place to land on or around your building.

Another way you can control them is by trapping the roosting ones, immediately ending the trouble they bring in your property. Its however advisable to let the experts perform this task since they have the experience, safety equipment, and skill to perfectly get rid of the menace.

Exclusion methods vary, depending on the type of bird and property. Our technicians may recommend a variety of barriers and modifications such as netting to prevent birds from accessing the loafing and nesting areas, installing bird slides to prevent them from landing on the ledges or capping the chimneys to deny them entry into your Hamilton home.

At Animal Control, we have several bird control measures that we can use to bird proof your home or help you get rid of the birds already nesting in your home. We will work with you to remove and proof your home in a humane method using a bird control plan. Contact us for more information about our trapping and exclusion services.

Decontamination and Cleaning Services

If birds have invaded your building and go unnoticed, you could experience large amounts of fouling that are normally associated with waste buildup.  Heavy infestation on external areas of buildings will often create big piles of fouling that is unsightly. Bird droppings are also very acidic and will often cause damages to your Hamilton property building fabrics.

Bird droppings have health-related concerns. Ornithosis, which is the process of organisms found in birds passed to humans can occur when humans get into contact with bird droppings, feathers, and nesting material. These organisms can be easily passed through inhaling the contaminated dust.

Animal Control in Hamilton will decontaminate and treat the droppings with disinfectants and biocide before their removal; this will significantly reduce the risk of transmission of diseases. This process is normally conducted before bird proofing of the infected areas.

Cleaning and decontamination of bird droppings is a task that needs to be carried out by a professional. Employing a reputable bird control service such as Animal Control will give you the peace of mind that you are hiring a professional company that is compliant. Contact us for more information about our bird cleaning and contamination service.