Why are squirrels intent on bird feeders?

Why are squirrels intent on bird feeders?

The reason why squirrels are so intent on a bird feeder in because squirrels eat all kinds of nuts and seeds as part of their natural diet. Bird feeders are serve-serving stations for the squirrels basically which does not take the squirrel much time and effort to exploit. While this may have a great side-effect who not mind squirrels as they can be quite amusing, squirrels when they are presented with food like all wildlife animals will be dependent on it and will bring multiple visits a day and will see the bird feeder as its primary source of food. Squirrels like any other vermin can be counted as opportunistic animals and will take the easiest route to feed itself. In the beginning, their presence might be great at first, but that might take a toll once property owners realize that birds eat a fraction of what squirrels consume in one sitting. A bird may fly in a eat a few seeds here and there whereas squirrels quickly can devour 1/3rds of its content in a few minutes. 

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This effect can have unintended consequences where people might find themselves restocking on the bird feeder more than often. Now, this issue might be worsened when they are spending more money than they actually intended for which takes the fun out of watching birds eat from the feeder. 

There are squirrel-proof bird feeders on the market right now, but it comes with a price. Designs might vary greatly with price and efficiency as high-quality bird feeders might cost property owners upwards to around the $150 mark. Squirrels seem to have figured out innovative ways to beat the system time and time again the same way raccoons figure out how to undo raccoon-proof containers, bins, locks, and other mechanisms that are intended to keep their paws off. 

When it comes to squirrels, they are less persistent than raccoons and will actually vacate the area once they realize that a high-quality squirrel-proof bird feeder is actually doing its job. It might be a bit upsetting to know that for something so simple requires a bit of an investment. Squirrels and other wildlife are taking over the city as never before, and constantly adapting and evolving to our way of life to get their paws on the food we eat and we throw away.