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Bat Removal Hamilton. Our technicians can remove bats and offer exclusion services that are reliable and effective. Aside from the noise and irritations that have bats living in your roof can cause, bats can cause health problems. The main problem with bats is their droppings and urine. As the colony grows big heaps of droppings can form. Not only do the dung and pee corrode wood/metal, but the ceiling can be collapsed by the weight of them below the loft.

We offer bat removal services in Hamilton and the surrounding area. Professional solutions for removal and exclusion of bats. Bats are most active in the summer and can choose attics and roofs to raise their young. Bats consume insects. One bat can have hundreds of flying insects each evening throughout the summer. Food is located by them with echolocation – signals are sent out by bats and when the echo of such sign bounces back for them, they can determine where items are situated.

If you are experiencing any of the following, call us: 289-201-9189

  • Bats living in the chimney
  • Scent because of bat droppings
  • Bats swarming around the building
  • Bat stuck inside the house

The most powerful system of bat control is exclusion. A technician will first visit the problem area and upon inspecting your roof or attic will provide a recommendation.

Our technician will perform a comprehensive review to find out the bats important points of entry and possible entry points.

Upon the installation of one-way doors, bats will be allowed to exit the premises but not re-enter. In the event of a big or more recognized colony, it might even be needed to clear up any droppings present in your loft. In any event, our bat removal services are effective. Call us to discuss solutions: 289-201-9189


Humane Bat Removal
Hamilton Service

There are more than 40 species of bats that can be found in Canada alone and nearly 1000 different species all over the world. Bats have a very bad reputation and are often though if as flying rats. As much as bats, just like rats have the capabilities of spreading diseases, their existence is more beneficial to humans than their close cousin the rat.

While some bats feed on nectar and even blood such as the vampire bats of South America, a vast majority of bats feed on mosquitos and other insects like moths and beetles. Since these insects are considered pests themselves, bats controlling their population is often favourable.

While bats are considered beneficial, they pose dire health risks. Rabies and histoplasmosis are often associated with bats. Bats also carry ticks, mites, fleas that endanger the health of both humans and pets.

You need to very careful during the exclusion of bats. While sealing entry points will prevent the bats from returning any trapped bat will be forced to look for an alternative way out and could end up in your living spaces. Therefore, trapping and exclusion of bats is a tricky task and should not be attempted by an untrained individual. Calling Animal Control to manage this procedure is the best way to ensure safety. Contact us for more information about our humane bat removal Hamilton service.


Bat Trapping and Exclusion Services

bat traps using one way door hamilton
Bat Humane Exclusion Using One Way Door

Bat population is considered beneficial, especially in areas with a huge insect population such as mosquitos. Some homeowners even construct bat houses close to their gardens to keep bats from roosting where they are unwanted. Since bats are likely to target any available structure, your home is a favourable spot unless you take the necessary steps to enclose the entry points. In addition to sealing off entry points and cracks, illuminating your attic spaces and eaves during the night will help deter bats from roosting. Another effective method is placing fans in the attic to lower the temperature.

It’s important that you do not attempt to trap or exclude bats in your premises by yourself. While it can effectively prevent colonies from nesting under your roof, trapping a baby or adult bat in your roof may force the animal to escape into your living spaces or even lead to its death.

Trapping and removal should also not be attempted in areas where people have been sleeping. At this point, it is important to call your local Animal Control service in Hamilton manage this procedure. Bats can bite if provoked, and some are known to carry rabies which is a health risk to humans. Contact us for more information about out Bat trapping and exclusion services.

Bat Inspection Services

Bat removal and exclusion in Hamilton.

Bat droppings can sometimes contain fungi that are known to cause Histoplasmosis; this is a disease that affects the lungs. Also, bats are known to carry rabies. Bats have tiny teeth, and when they bite, you will experience some tingling. An extensive analysis of humans who have been bitten by bats did not realize they had come in contact with the animal.

Bats prefer entrances that are positioned at least 8 feet from the ground. Therefore, to deter them from crawling into your house, Animal Control can secure a trim that has become lose add sealant to cracks and installs large netting to your damaged roofs.

Before this process is carried out, you will need an inspection service. This service is vital since it will help determine the damage caused by the bats, the number of bats in your property, and their entry points. With this information, it is much easier to get rid of the bats.

Our Technicians at Animal Control will conduct an extensive inspection of your home and give you a detailed report on what steps to take next. Inspection services will save you a lot of time and money, since, it’s a permanent resolution to your bat problem. Call us today for more information about our inspection service.

Bat Cleaning and Decontamination Service

bat droppings Hamilton

Bat droppings are also known as guano, and will often contain a microscopic fungus that can cause health problems in humans. If bats have taken up residence in your home, you will notice their droppings. They are shiny and crumble easily with a foul odour. When bat droppings dry out, they normally turn into dust.

If your home is contaminated with bat droppings, it needs to be cleaned out immediately to prevent any health problems. It’s important that you take precautions when handling bat droppings since they are airborne and could easily contaminate other living areas. It is because of this that it is advisable that you do not attempt to clean out a contaminated area by yourself. Instead, call a professional bat removal Hamilton company to help you carry out this task.

Our trained personnel have the necessary equipment, skills, and experience to clean and decontaminate the affected areas correctly. We will also bat-proof your property to ensure they do not return. If needed, we will repair your damaged structures, restoring it to its original form. In case you notice any bat droppings in your property, do not sweep, vacuum or remove them without dampening them. Instead, call Animal Control. Contact us for more information about cleaning and decontamination services.

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