Humane way to get squirrels out of the attic

Humane way to get squirrels out of the attic

There are not many ways you can get a squirrel out of the attic let alone humane. However, professionals have been using ethical and safe ways to get squirrels out of the attic by mainly using what is known as a One-Way Door. When baby squirrels are involved they delicately use their hands to remove them.

To understand the One-Way Door is not a hard concept in itself to explain, but many customers seem to be confused by the concept as their traditional reference to handling these kind of cases are usually by killing or trapping them. Wildlife control services such as Squirrel Control Hamilton do not ever want to harm wildlife by principles and by law as squirrels are regarded as a protected wildlife animal under the Conservation Protection Act which makes harming or abuse of an animal a crime or a punishable offence. Fines may also be given depending on the severity or even a considerable amount of jail time.

The One-Way Door is a tunnel-like contraption through which the squirrel must pass in order to be locked out. As the name already implies the One-Way door only has one way through which the squirrel can exit. Once out the squirrel cannot re-enter the property anymore causing it to go elsewhere. In the case of babies, the wildlife control technician always performs an exterior inspection to make sure that the whole property is combed down. If squirrel babies are detected the babies are delicately removed by hand and placed in a box for the mother to fetch later on.

Preventing squirrel break-ins is easier than getting them out. You can do an exterior inspection yourself or have somebody else have it performed for you. When a wildlife control technician performs the inspection you can be guaranteed that s/he will spot several vulnerable points throughout the property the squirrel is able to exploit through either biting, scratching, chewing or even a combination of all three.

When technicians find these points they make sure that no other animal is occupying the space, After no animal is detected, the technician patches the entry-point up with galvanized steel mesh. Galvenized steel mesh is a strong a durable material able to withstand the fiercest attempts by animals to break through. Even if you think some material seems strong enough, think that aluminum is easily breached by squirrels who find their way in the attic with ease and cause a host of issues as a consequence.

With the One-Way Door in place, you can be squirrel-free in no time. The One-Way Door is easy to attach and when the squirrel needs to go outside for food and water and passes the One-Way Door the problem takes care of itself, just like that.

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