Signs that may show you have squirrels activity

Signs that may show you have squirrels activity

Admiring squirrels from afar might be a totally different experience than experiencing squirrels in your home. This is because we often do not know how destructive these little critters can be before they enter our home. When people are personally dealing with squirrels their perception rapidly changes from the carefree cute animal to a small, but destructive force they wished they never had to deal with. If you are unsure of squirrel activity the signs in the article may point you in the right direction. If you are experiencing, seeing, or hearing any of these signs, Squirrel Control Hamilton is more willing to help take care of the squirrel issue.

One of the most obvious signs of squirrel activity is obviously noises, especially noises that are out of the ordinary. When you hear rustling, creaking, or pitter-patter in the early hours of the day do not assume that they are squirrels right away. They might as well be raccoons as they too like to take advantage of attics and the many amenities it has to offer. The difference is that raccoons are nocturnal and often are active at night time whereas squirrels like to rise and shine during the early hours of the day around 3 am to around 5 am. It must be noted that many of these signs may overlap with raccoons and they often behave in a rather similar way in enclosed spaces.

Another sign you have to look out for is roof damage. Even though squirrels are small animals they might do considerable damage to the shingles of your roof seeing that shingles are quite fragile as they go through wear and tear from being exposed to all types of weather.

Squirrels give birth to their young twice a year during the spring and during the summer. When you hear squeals and screeches, this might come from squirrel babies. An increased activity might be audible as well as the mother can look for all kinds of insulating material to keep her young warm.
When you have a chimney and a fireplace you might hear sounds echoing from the fireplace. When you first suspect squirrel activity you might hear gnawing sounds as they will gnaw and chew through aluminum chimney vents.

The worst sign of them all is that the stench of the squirrels has become so bad that the smell permeates through the house. Raccoons and Grey Squirrels have a habit of creating raccoons. A latrine is a designated spot where raccoons and certain species of squirrels do their business. However, do not expect this to go smoothly every time. Feces and urine have the chance to transmit bacteria and
diseases and for this reason alone the presence of squirrels can be very risky. Attics have a tendency of not being well maintained. If the floor is porous meaning that liquids can seep through it, it may potentially reach the lower floor.

If you see one of these signs, you should hire a wildlife control technician as soon as possible as the situation can spin out of control really soon. Contact Animal Control Hamilton now to speak to our technicians and to book an appointment.