humane squirrel removal

Professional Humane Squirrel Removal

Squirrels are quirky creatures and are fun to watch as they dart around up and down trees. They are generally harmless so long as they stay outside but it’s a different story when they make their way in one’s attic and take up residence in the roof. All of a sudden they start causing trouble and they are not so lovable. Squirrel removal becomes a necessity as it can cause great damage to your roof. They chew materials to create nests for their families and add to their bedding. Their fecal droppings and urine can cause a foul situation. In addition, squirrels like all rodents will gladly gnaw at any part of the house including PVC pipes and electrical wires to keep their teeth sharp. This puts you in great danger of water damage and creates substantial fire hazards.

There are many biological methods to eradicate squirrels but the last thing you would wish is a foul smell as some would die in your roof. The efficient way to surmount this problem is the use of humane traps. There are various simple steps of professional humane squirrel removal that could be applied to rid the attic of these wildlife pests even without having to hire any professionals. The first step is to inspect and pinpoint the location where these animals are getting into your house.

Knowing the exact point where the creatures are getting in is a great determiner of whether you will be able to solve the problem or not. The most common entrance is a hole on the roof or the wood covering the rafters. Setting humane traps would then follow. It could be in the attic or just outside the entry point. You may want to contact a wildlife pest expert for advice on where to hire these traps and where to relocate the rodents once they are captured.

The next step would involve making repairs to the roof as well as sealing all the entry points once they have been dealt with to avoid future invasion. It would be in vain to trap them if these repairs were not made as other squirrels would move in thus creating the same problem all over again. Wire meshing would be a great way to seal the breach.