squirrels entering attic

How to Wildlife Proof Your Attic Against Squirrels and Raccoons

Many people have problems with squirrels, raccoons and other unwanted pests inhabiting their attic. There are steps you can take to prevent the invasion of these unwanted pests in your attic. How to Wildlife Proof Your Attic Against squirrels and raccoons is a concern of many homeowners. Fortunately, the idea of how to do this may be simpler than you think.

One of the methods that you can undertake to keep your attic pest-free is to make sure to inspect your trim, gutters, roof and eves for any worn sports that would be easy for the animal to penetrate. Yearly or perhaps bi-annually inspect the trim, fascia and roof for any weak spots or any areas that pets may be able to enter. These are the ways that you may ward off any potential areas of entry for wildlife invaders.

Other methods that can be undertaken by those who choose to keep invaders outside and not in their home are to keep branches trimmed and away from the home. Individuals who keep the animals from having easy access to the home will be able to keep animals from entering. Use flashlights and binoculars to inspect and make sure that attics are free from invaders.

Other things you can do to keep squirrels and raccoons away are to use commercial animal repellants that are readily available. These options can keep squirrels and raccoons away from your dwelling. Ultrasound devices can also be used to keep squirrels and raccoons out of your attic and your home. Consumers should make sure they read the reviews on these repellants so they make sure they are purchasing quality products for use. This is one of the things that should be done when proofing an attic from squirrels and raccoons You should also install bright yard lights to discourage nocturnal pests.