Is there any way you can squirrel-proof your attic? 

Is there any way you can squirrel-proof your attic? 

There is not really a way to squirrel-proof your attic completely, but you can take preventive measures by keeping the attic maintained and updated. The attics are usually the only place in the house that are not kept up regularly. Since squirrels are rodents, they have the habit to gnaw and chew about everything they come across to keep their teeth in check. Squirrels pose a danger to the occupants of the building and can create a fire hazard by gnawing and chewing on exposed wiring. When squirrels gnaw on wiring they run the risk of causing a fuse and may spell a potential disaster. You can prevent this by making sure that no wiring is exposed that squirrels potentially can gnaw or bite through. 

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Insolation in the attic is also worth checking to ensure that it is up to standard. Insolation should be replaced every 15 years. If you have been living in an older home chances are that you still have the older insolation intact. The insolation may be degraded. If you notice any drafts this might be a sign that your insulation needs replacing. 

When squirrels enter the attic, especially the Eastern Grey Squirrel, they have the habit of creating a latrine near to the nest. Since their nest is in an enclosed space this can cause a lot of issues in the relationship with the personal health of the occupants. Since everything is happening in an enclosed space with no proper ventilation, it can create a dangerous cocktail of fumes, bacteria, feces, and urine which can seep through the flooring and find its way into small quantities downstairs. To prevent this issue, the best way is to change the flooring. It is easier said than done, and the chance to receive unwelcome guests is not always guaranteed, but it is always good practice to maintain your house in the best shape possible. 

Fully proofing your attic against squirrel invasions is done by professionals who can give you preventive measures to minimalize the risk by closing and sealing possible entry-points that squirrels can exploit to gain entry to your attic. To remove the squirrels, technicians use a contraption used the One-Way Door. It is a tunnel-like mechanism that locks the squirrels out from the property once they passed it. 

Wildlife control technicians can safely and ethically remove the squirrels as well as additional babies that may be present in the space. Call Animal Control Hamilton to book an appointment or to get a free consultation.