Can multiple squirrels cohabitate under one roof?

Can multiple squirrels cohabitate under one roof?

Squirrels can cohabitate under one roof depending on what their relationship is, other than that squirrels are viciously territorial and will go to great lengths to kill each other off. In fact, when young squirrels are born, the father usually will go and hunt down other baby squirrels in the vicinity to kill them. The reason why squirrels do this is to narrow down the competition in order for their young to thrive. As for the mother, she can give birth in an attic and will care for the squirrels for 8-12 weeks after which she will let the squirrels on their own. When a squirrel invades an attic towards the spring and the fall it is most likely that the mother squirrel is pregnant and will be looking for warmth and shelter to deliver her babies in. Normally the babies will stay close to the nest for the first five to eight weeks of their life. However, since the attic is an enclosed space it will remain inside for this period of time. 

When the mother and her babies cohabitate in the attic space it can cause a lot of issues in terms of the health and well-being of the residents who usually live directly underneath. Feces and urine can seep through the cracks and therefore can spread many harmful bacteria which can lead to negative consequences. 

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The best way to go about the removal of squirrels in your attic is to hire professional wildlife control technicians who are licensed and trained in dealing with squirrels. Squirrels under the Wildlife Protection Act are a protected species that cannot be harmed nor killed. It is for this reason that many technicians in the field resort to humane exclusion solutions to get the squirrels out. When babies are involved the technician might resort to other measures as not to harm the babies. 

Squirrels can cause a lot of material damage to the property when they are occupying the space long-term. Since their activity is largely taking place indoors, the chance of contaminating the space is also higher seeing that they can use a latrine in the same area. Squirrels also have a habit of biting and gnawing on various objects throughout the attic which often is the wiring. They gnaw the wiring to keep the length of their front teeth in check as with many other rodent species such as mice and rats. 

Squirrels cannot cohabitate unless they are related such as a mother with her children. The father will be chased out soon after their birth. The only way to keep squirrels out is to hire a licensed technician such as from Animal Control Hamilton. Technicians have more than a decade of experience dealing with all kinds of wildlife. Call 289-201-9189 for a free consultation or to book an appointment.