Is there a difference in behavior between the Red Squirrel and the Eastern Grey Squirrel?

Is there a difference in behavior between the Red Squirrel and the Eastern Grey Squirrel?

While the Red Squirrel and the Grey Squirrel are both squirrels and can be distinguished by their colour, it is not the guaranteed way to identify them on colour alone. As with many animals bearing a coat, the colour can easily vary between individual squirrels. To ensure we identify the right squirrels, other factors are considered as well. Generally, the Grey squirrel is smaller than its red counterpart. It can be helpful to identify the squirrel because it is a factor that rarely changes.

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 In terms of behaviour, the red squirrel is more aggressive than the Grey Squirrel. When humans intrude on their territory, they will usually display several signs of aggression and will even go on the attack when it feels cornered. It goes against the natural behavioural traits of the grey squirrel and other squirrels in general as they tend to scurry away when there is an indication of human presence. When we talk about the frequency of break-ins by squirrels they both have the same chance of breaking in, but due to their size, they will often resort to different parts of the house and will exploit different entry points. Since Grey Squirrels are significantly smaller than their Grey counterparts, they tend to find themselves in tightly enclosed spaces to nest themselves in such as vents, pipes, underneath decks and will take advantage of any structural gaps that are present through wear and tear. Because of this Red Squirrels can be often found in enclosed spaces like the attic. The attic is often a nuisance to deal with when squirrels find their way inside. They usually cause an unspeakable amount of damage that they do not do on purpose but simply follow their instincts. This can lay heavy monetarily as reparation and restoration costs can go well up to the thousands of dollars considering that insolation can be badly degraded because of urine. 

Removing squirrels is a sensitive process where professionals can find themselves in all sorts of situations. In these situations, technicians use the One-Way Door. The One-Way Door is a tunnel-like contraption through which the squirrel passes. Once the squirrel passes the One-Way Door, it will be locked out and unable to re-enter the premises. After being unable to re-enter the property, the squirrel will go elsewhere. 

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