What Should I Do When I Hear Baby Squirrels?

What Should I Do When I Hear Baby Squirrels?

Hearing squeaks and cries at the crack of dawn might have you worried as the sounds come above your head. Over the day you might hear pitter-patter more frequently than ever. As you inspect the sounds you may find yourself wondering what it could be from, After doing some research, you discover that you are dealing with baby squirrels. After this, you might be wondering what you should do. Depending on where you find the baby squirrels you might want to leave them alone. When you find time outside the best advice is to stay away from them and to leave the baby squirrels until their mother fetches them. The least you can do, when it’s a bit chilly to put them in a box. Usually when eight hours pass it is wise to call a professional wildlife control service or a wildlife conservation service. 

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In the case of an attic, you have to call a wildlife service immediately as they have the tools and knowledge to handle them delicately. Squirrels babies are very vulnerable in the first 8 weeks of their life being heavily dependant on their mothers. When squirrel babies are found orphaned, technicians hand them over to. an animal rehabilitation centre. 

Squirrels are creatures who may damage your attic over time the longer they stay there. When squirrel babies are born you may notice increased activity. The mother might go and make her nest for the babies as comfortable as possible. When squirrel babies are born the mother may have to bring food to the nest more than usual. Since the attic is a comfortable space that gives enough warmth, comfort, and a place away from predators which can be their own species. Father squirrels will actively seek out baby squirrels when the mother has given birth to her own babies. They do this so they can kill off the baby squirrels to weed out the competition. 

Attics are usually broken in when mothers squirrels are about to deliver their babies. Chimneys are also utilized when the attic is no option. Chimneys simulate the natural environment of three hollows. Squirrel babies run the risk of being badly injured or even cooked alive when the fireplace is actively used. Adult squirrels usually have time to escape, but as baby squirrels are holed up deep in the chimney, they do not have time to save themselves. 

Contacting a professional wildlife technician will avoid all these issues with the help of. a seasoned technician with more than a decade of experience. Call Animal Control Hamilton now to book an appointment or to receive a free consultation