How to Remove A Skunk From Under A Deck

How to Remove A Skunk From Under A Deck

Skunks are nocturnal animals that hibernate during the cold season. They produce an odour that proves difficult to remove. These are perhaps the greatest disadvantages that these animals pose to humans and pets at home. They will spray this odour on pets and humans if they come across them accidentally. At times, they dig and spray walls. They are also a great carrier of rabies and are known to spray pets when frightened. If you are dealing with skunks and want to deal with skunk removal on your own here are some tips. Skunks may hide under a deck either in the search for food or during the cold season. Their destructive habits and the awful smell they produce are reasons enough to learn how to remove a skunk from under a deck.

It is important to know that many people confuse attacks for other animal attacks. Therefore, one should be sure they are dealing with a skunk. Below is how to get rid of a skunk from under a deck. Wait for the Skunk to leave and seal the entrance permanently

  • Identify possible entrances and seal them leaving only the main entrance.
  • Use flour or ash, and spread it just in front of the main entrance. The ash or flour will help you identify tracks of the skunk in case it leaves the deck to go look for food.
  • Wait until you find the tracks because the skunk will have to leave the deck at some time during the dark to go search for food.
  • Once you are certain that the skunk has left the deck seal the entrance and re-open again to make sure there are no other skunks.
  • After ensuring, there are no trapped skunks one can seal the entrance permanently.
  • Set a trap

Alternatively, one can set a trap at the entrance. Once the trap holds the skunk, it is advisable to take it as far as possible. This is to make sure the skunk does not return. One may also call animal control personnel to get rid of the skunk.

Other methods that one can use include spraying under a deck using chemicals that repel skunks such as pepper spray which are not encouraged.