how to get rid of skunk smell

How to Get Rid of Skunk Smell

The chances of people and pets encountering skunks are the same whether in the country or in the city. When a car strikes a skunk on the street the smell can linger for days. That smell, however, is nothing compared to being sprayed directly. To avoid dealing with such a situation you can just call the professional skunk removal people. In the cases that you get sprayed this article will discuss how to get rid of skunk smell from people, pets and clothing. Try to avoid letting the sprayed person or pet in the house. There will be less to clean and deodorize if the smell is kept outside as much as possible. When helping a person or a pet get clean, wear rubber gloves and wear protective clothing. Skunk spray contains oil so it clings to skin and clothing.

There are many different versions of “recipes” to use to clean away skunk smell. They vary but the main ingredients are the same. The main thing is to avoid using too much hydrogen peroxide or bleach on clothing, furniture or carpets as it will remove the colour. Either of the following mixtures can work:

  • 1 Liter white vinegar
  • 1/4 C baking soda
  • 1 tsp dish soap


  • 1-gallon water
  • 1    qt hydrogen peroxide
  • 1/2 C baking soda
  • 2    tsp dish soap

For surfaces that can be bleached, use 10% bleach and 90% water. The mixtures should be used while still foaming or fizzing. Dip clothing in solution and soak for 5 – 10 minutes. Wash people and pets with the mixture and leave on for 5 – 10 minutes before rinsing. Repeat if necessary. Clothing can then be hung outside in the sun before regular washing in a washing machine with regular detergent. People and pets can be showered with regular soap as usual once the offensive odour is removed.

Products such as Febreeze, Simple Green (organic cleanser) and Skunk-Off work well, as do sprays that can be obtained from veterinarians or pet stores. Their effects are usually immediate and they will usually not harm fabrics, but all precautions on the bottle should be read.

If the skunk smell is in the house, windows should be opened, ceiling fans should be turned on and areas should be scrubbed with the safest recipe listed above so as not to damage fabrics or carpet. Steam cleaners work well because they go deep into the fabric and will lift the oil, dirt and smell out. Tomato juice or tomato paste is an option, but a lot of it will be needed to bathe people and pets. It should never be used on fabrics as it will always stain.

Being sprayed by a skunk is never an ideal situation, but these simple tips will help get rid of skunk smell quickly, safely, and painlessly.