Why You Should Not Use DIY Trapping Methods for Squirrels

Why You Should Not Use DIY Trapping Methods for Squirrels

While getting squirrels out of your property is a must, trapping them is not a solution, especially if you are doing it yourself. Squirrels may be annoying and will cause damage and grave danger to you and your loved ones, but you should not attempt to trap them yourself.

Trapping wildlife is not recommended as you may encounter some dangers while at it. It is better to leave the work to experts who will use other alternatives to ensure the successful eviction of the animals.

Here are reasons why you should not trap squirrels by yourself and call professional squirrel removal services in Hamilton;

You’ll be Risking Injury

While setting up the trap, you can get injured from having your fingers caught in the trap. An angry squirrel can bite or scratch you. Getting near squirrels without taking precautions is not healthy. Squirrels are carriers of Encephalitis, Typhus, Roundworm Brain parasite, Tularemia, and Lyme disease. It is not wise to get close to them without the necessary protection.

Setting traps for squirrels can result to your pets, children, and non-target animals getting trapped and suffering. Some will be injured severely and die afterward. It is better to leave the operation in the hands of professionals.

It is Not Humane

Trapping is considered inhumane because the animal is subjected to predators, starvation, harsh weather conditions, dehydration, and more. The animal will also get injured in the process, especially if you use traps made from home. It is an offence to trap and injure an animal during its capture.

It is Illegal

Even if you manage to trap the squirrel, you will not be able to transport it without a permit. Only a professional will carry out the eviction safely without injuring the squirrel.

There are other effective methods you can use to remove squirrels from your property. These include;

Using Sound

Squirrels love their peace when they are trying to sleep. To drive them away, just place a radio close to their nest and adjust it to full volume. You can also use light to scare squirrels away. Squirrels do not like light, especially when they want to sleep. The light will make them feel uncomfortable and go away.

Use Squirrel Repellents

Repellents can be in granular or liquid form. They can irritate the squirrels and send them away. Just sprinkle or spray them in the squirrels’ nest to keep them from coming back to your attic.

Use Urine

Squirrels get afraid of their predators, including foxes. Retail stores sell predator urine, and if you buy and place it near the squirrels’ nest, they will smell it and believe a predator is after them. Soak the urine in a towel and leave it close to the nest. The squirrels can leave, never to come back.


Trapping is not the best way to get rid of squirrels from your home. Do not attempt to do it yourself but instead hire the services of a professional. Using traps at home is dangerous and can injure you or your pets. An expert will ensure the animal is safe and your property too.