What Raccoons Feed On While In the City

What Raccoons Feed On While In the City

Raccoons can prosper in different environments, for they have a very high appetite. They will eat any type of trash, if not vegetables, fish, grains, rats, crayfish, berries, insects, rats, eggs, poultry, frogs, rats, worms, and insects. Some eat squirrels too. When it comes to diet, raccoons are never picky.

While in the wild, raccoons use their paws to pick fruits, steal bird hatchlings or eggs or catch fish. Preys that are easy to catch and those that move slowly are often their targets. When in the city, some of the attractants for raccoons apart from dumpsters and garbage bins include dairy products, meat pet food, carrion, and more. Sometimes they will just eat whatever is available.

When they find your trash cans, raccoons will overturn them and make a huge mess around the compound. They have honed senses that make them adapt to any environment.

Raccoons are omnivores, which means they can eat insects, animals, and plants depending on the season of the year. However, they rarely eat living mammals.

In the city, raccoons are scavengers. Since the sources of food in the city are limited, they will resort to garbage cans for morsels and scraps. They can easily access locked garbage containers and rummage through to find their meal.

Finding shelter in urban areas for raccoons is a bit challenging. But when they get the chance, they will venture into buildings that are easily accessible and set up their dens. They will do whatever possible to get into the roof, chimney, attic through the fence, holes, or cracks. Their regular nesting areas are attics since they are often warm and safe for them.

Raccoons are smart climbers and swimmers too. They can scurry up and set their den on the chimney, especially if it is untapped. Brick houses are easy targets where they can climb fast and make their home.

If you have a fish pond in your home, raccoons will get inside and eat all the fish there is.

You can prevent this by securing your fish pond using an electric fence. Weal off any cracks and holes they may use to enter your home.


The zeal and stubbornness raccoons have, and the effort they exert to procure food helps them to survive well in urban areas. They can survive for a long time in environments that would otherwise be difficult for other pests. Raccoons are destructive both in the city, the wild, and the countryside. CallĀ 289-201-9189 for fast and reliable raccoon removal Hamilton.