What You Need to Know about Baby Squirrel Season

What You Need to Know about Baby Squirrel Season

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. Spring has just begun, and that means baby squirrel season is here. And with the new season, there are some important things you need to know about baby squirrel season to help you prepare for the incoming squirrel invasion.

And with anything else, preparation is key. That’s why if you ever need help with a squirrel problem, contacting a professional squirrel removal company here in Hamilton and surrounding areas can greatly help your chances of coming out unscathed this season. Call an expert today! Or, read on to find out more information.

When Does Baby Squirrel Season Start?

Baby squirrel season occurs two times a year— from January to February and again from June to July. This means you should keep an eye out for baby squirrels one and a half months later, in March to April and August to September.

What Should I Know About Baby Squirrels?

The most common squirrel, the Eastern Grey Squirrel, has around two and eight babies per litter. Baby squirrels, when born, are tiny. They are naked, deaf, and blind, and typically weigh only about one ounce and are an inch in length. They only remain in their nest until at least six weeks old— after that, they will head out on their own and will spend several weeks learning survival skills from their mother.

How Much Noise do Baby Squirrels Make?

If you’re unfortunate enough to get a baby squirrel trapped inside your home, you may be wondering what to look out for. You can easily hear the chirps and barking of adult squirrels, but baby squirrels are a bit different. 

They are quieter than adults but can still make the same noises that adult squirrels do. Their chirps sound almost like a young bird, so you may even mistake them for the birds outside your home.

Should I Be Concerned if a Baby Squirrel is In My Home?

The short answer is yes. Baby squirrels, while they are cute and should be left alone with their mothers while they are growing up, are still very destructive and unsanitary if left inside your home. Furthermore, it is illegal to kill baby squirrels in the Ontario region, so they pose a high risk to your household since they are difficult to remove and will cause even more damage when they get older. 

Therefore it is important to get rid of squirrels as soon as possible, no matter how cute they are as babies.

How Do I Get Rid of Baby Squirrels in My Home?

The best way to get rid of your baby squirrel problem is to call a professional wildlife removal company. They’ll know how to provide professional services to ensure that all squirrels are removed in a humane way and no other squirrels will invade your home.