Effective Ways to Raccoon Proof Your Garbage Cans

Effective Ways to Raccoon Proof Your Garbage Cans

For raccoons, your trash can is their food treasure since it holds their favourable foodstuff such as fresh vegetables and fruits. This will make them a nuisance to you, forcing you to clean up their messes every night.

As opportunistic eaters, raccoons do not mind what they eat. They will scavenge in your trash can, pet dishes, fruit trees, and vegetable garden to satisfy their hunger. If these types of foods are near your home or in your yard, they will lure raccoons to your home.

A lot of food-related ways are available to help you deter raccoons. You can start by removing potential raccoon attractants near your home or call us for expert raccoon removal Hamilton services. Your trash can is the leading cause of raccoon invasion to your home.

Use Trash Can Lid Straps

Using lid straps on your trash cans can prevent raccoons from opening the lid. You can use bungee cords or straps that come with hardware that can be screwed on the bin and a strap to secure its lid and keep the raccoons away.

Build a Horizontal Shed for the Bins

You can build a shed where you will be keeping your garbage bins to protect them from pests like raccoons. This offers an extra layer of protection and will hide the cans from pests.

Get Pest-Proof Garbage Carts

Heavy-duty garbage carts are recommended because they will benefit you and your garbage collector. They are pest-proof and can be the best replacement for ordinary garbage bins. With an automated lifter, they are easy to move about without having to lift them. They have excellent curb appeal and can replace several trash cans.

Build a Fenced Enclosure for the Trash Cans

A fenced enclosure for the garbage bins can help prevent raccoons from accessing and toppling them. This is an inexpensive way of keeping the raccoons away. You can customize it to the number and size of trash cans you have.

Use Mint-Infused Trash Bags

Most pests, including raccoons, loathe the smell of mint. Therefore using mint-infused trash bags can help repel the raccoons and other rodents. The bags are EPA approved and will not harm the animals. This could be a long-term solution for deterring raccoons.

Another effective way of raccoon proofing is by changing your trashing habits. You can take out trash early in the morning instead of the evening so that when they come to forage at night, they will find nothing and go away.


The best way to raccoon-proof trash cans is by combining several strategies that will make it difficult for raccoons to access the trash. Also, with expert assistance from animal removal services, you can rid your home of raccoons and keep them away for good.