Do Not Feed Those Raccoons

Do Not Feed Those Raccoons: Here is Why

What you throw away is food for the raccoons. When they spot your trash cans, raccoons see nothing but an opportunity for a sumptuous meal. Sometimes you don’t realize that you are feeding them or attracting them to your compound.

It is tempting to give food to the cute raccoons and other wild pests. But you should understand that once they expect to be fed, they are not going to stop coming. They will dig holes, climb over your wall or fence, get into your garbage bins, and even nest in your attic. Furthermore, raccoons cannot be domesticated since they can easily bite or scratch if they see you as a threat. They also carry different diseases that can put your health at risk.

Here are reasons why you should not feed raccoons:

Raccoons Carry Disease

Rabies-infected raccoons can leave infected saliva in the water or food dish used. This virus thrives mostly in water dishes. If any mammal with abrasion or cut and comes into direct contact with this saliva, they are likely to get infected as well. Make sure your pets are vaccinated. Don’t get comfortable feeding raccoons because they can bite and infect you too. Rabies is a fatal disease, especially to humans.

Raccoons can also get canine distemper. This is a viral disease that can be transmitted to unvaccinated dogs when they come in contact with droppings or body fluids from the infected party. Distemper causes disorientation, emaciation, discharge from eyes and nose, aggressiveness, and other symptoms. Vaccinate your dog and keep your children and pets from raccoons with such symptoms.

Raccoons Destroy Property

Raccoons are naturally omnivorous, and their appetite is fueled by the presence of dumpsites, garbage bins, and the smell of food. They feed on fruits, grubs, birds, eggs, nuts, earthworms, insects, frogs, poultry and bird eggs, and rodents, among others. When hungry, they will tear up your lawn, turn your trash cans upside down, and even invade your property.

Raccoons will find their way into your chicken coop and eat all your chicken and their eggs. They will then keep coming, and within no time, you will have a whole community of raccoons nested on your property.

Other Damages

Raccoons will find their way to your chimney, yard or attic or any other place close to their food source. They will scurry on the roof and tear off your shingles in order to access your attic or chimney. Once they do, they will establish their den and start reproducing. At night they will come out and overturn your trash cans, uproot your plants in search of worms and make a mess of everything.

You can keep raccoons away from your home by keeping garbage away from them. Use sturdy trash cans that cannot be opened by the animals. Take out garbage only during the day of collection. Keep pet food inside the house, and don’t leave any leftovers lying about.


Never feed raccoons because you will be inviting nuisance, disease, discomfort, and insecurity to your home. Scare them away on the very first day they appear. If they don’t get frightened and run away, contact the local raccoon removal Hamilton company for help right away.