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If you believe you have squirrels living in your house then you must act promptly. Squirrels can damage to siding, insulation and electric wiring, that can result in thousands in repair costs.

Our technicians utilize many different methods to trap squirrels. We use humane live capture techniques to remove the animals. Install one way traps and doors for squirrel removal. Such traps are installed by us on an entry point to enable the squirrel to leave the construction but cannot reenter.
Our technicians specialize in removing and trapping squirrels humanely. We don’t harm the creatures and go the additional mile to ensure the work is done completely. Every scenario differs from another, the wildlife control technician will offer suggestions and certainly will go ahead only with your acceptance.

After we catch any adult animals and remove any squirrel babies humanely then our technicians continue on discovering and sealing all open holes and possible entry points leading into the construction. We use steel displays when needed.

Why Professional Animal Control Agencies are a Safer Bet

Squirrels scratch and even bite when they are caught or threatened. If you do not have the required knowledge to handle these pesky creatures, it is best to leave them along until the professional removal service technicians come along. There is also the risk of contracting the various diseases that squirrels are capable of passing on. Moreover, since these tiny animals are highly evasive, professional technicians, with their expertise and experience, are a better choice to track them down and trap them.

At Animal Control Hamilton, we are equipped with the right products and treatments to help you get rid of squirrels within no time. Our services are guaranteed, so you can rest assured that we will catch every single squirrel on your property, right down to the last one.

Animal Control Hamilton

Our experts at Animal Control Hamilton offer you some of the best removal options available. Our prices are transparent and our services are guaranteed. We even provide consultation to help you keep your home or office pest free. We are open 7 days a week and respond quickly to any squirrel removal service requests.

Our technicians will locate the nesting spots of the squirrels on your property and have them removed carefully. We will not damage any part of your structure or garden and will also provide cleaning and sanitization services. Once all these tasks are taken care of, we will locate and seal all the entry points used by these squirrels to enter your home. This will keep the squirrels out of your home for good.

So, if you’re looking for an all-round solution to your squirrel problems, solutions that not only take care of the current squirrel population on your property but also keep them away in the future, call us on 289-201-9189 today!


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