Raccoon removal and control in HamiltonRaccoon removal Hamilton. Our technicians provide reliable raccoon removal solutions. We remove raccoons from attics, sheds, garages. After all animals have been humanely removed we clean and seal the area so you don’t have to experience a raccoon invasion again. Contact us today. We will send a technician to inspect the problem and provide recommendations for a solution. Call: 289-201-9189

The raccoon (Procyon lotor) usually inhabits wooded areas adjacent to a water sources as well as urban areas including Hamilton. Raccoons will thrive in any area that has food sources and shelter possibilities. Raccoons are most active during the early evening and through the night, ranging widely over their home territory in search of food. By day, raccoons den in hollow trees, rock crevices, other animal nests, and in the cities, parks, attics, sheds, garages and more. They also often den in chimneys, and culverts.
Mating season peaks from January through late March. The female rears her young alone and tolerates the male just during mating, since males can be aggressive. Usually, raccoons give birth between April or May possibly. Birthing occurs in a nest established by the female, often in a hollow tree, chimney, or attic. A litter generally includes two to five young.

Should one take up residence in your attic, begin the eviction process by inspecting the attic for openings that pay the raccoon access. Help the raccoon determine your attic isn’t the safe, quiet home they thought it was. Carry on this harassment for just two or three days, and also the raccoon should leave. If the problem persists, call us we can help.

Between the months of June and March, there can become a mother and her young occupying the attic, so allow her time to take them to an alternative site. After determining that we now have no raccoons left indoors, secure the openings with hardware cloth. We also examine the outside of the building for tree limbs that provide bridges to your own house.

Why Hire a Professional Animal Control Team?

When dealing with raccoons, hiring the services of a professional animal control team like Animal Control Hamilton is a great option for several reasons.

Raccoons are dangerous animals when confronted and often get into fights that last unto death. Therefore, no matter how innocent or shy these creatures may seem otherwise, when up against danger, they surely do not back out. This is even more prominent in situations where a female raccoon is protecting its young.

A simple bite or even a scratch from a raccoon can result in the transmission of dreaded diseases like Rabies and without the right protective gear, every encounter with a raccoon is potentially a risky one. Therefore, a direct confrontation with raccoons is never a good idea unless professional raccoon removal experts are involved.

Moreover, the removal and release of raccoons in the wild is a process that is governed by several laws and strict guidelines, and overlooking any of these could lead to penalties or even other serious consequences with the law. Professional animal control personnel are aware of every detail in the rulebook and make sure that the entire process is completed in accordance with the laid down rules and regulations.

Raccoon Control in Hamilton

At Animal Control Hamilton, we have a reliable team of experienced and licensed technicians who are experts at trapping raccoons and dealing with a long list of problems that these animals bring with them.

Whether it is dealing with a wayward raccoon on your property that refuses to leave, an entire family of raccoons in your attic or garage, or just about any other problem associated with these animals, our trained technicians are proficient at handling them all.

We also offer proofing solutions that help in keeping these animals away from your property in the future too.

Remember, the presence of raccoons on your property is not only a nuisance, but could also result in damage to your home, raccoon attacks on your pets and even children, as well as the risk of contracting a long list of potentially serious diseases.

So, if you’re up against a raccoon problem in Hamilton or the surrounding area, call us today on 289-201-9189 for a prompt inspection, and we will follow it up with a lasting solution that is affordable as well as comprehensive.