Bat removal and exclusion in Hamilton.Bat Removal Hamilton. Our technicians can remove bats and offer exclusion services that are reliable and effective. Aside from the noise and irritations that having bats living in your roof can cause, bats can cause of health problems. The main problem with bats is their droppings and urine. As the colony grows big heaps of droppings can form. Not only do the dung and pee corrode wood / metal, but the ceiling can be collapsed by the weight of them below the loft.

We offer bat removal services in Hamilton and the surrounding area. Professional solutions for removal and exclusion of bats. Bats are most active in the summer and can choose attics and roofs to raise their young. Bats consume insects. One bat can have hundreds of flying insects each evening throughout the summer. Food is located by them with echolocation – signals are sent out by bats and when the echo of such sign bounces back for them, they can determine where items are situated.

If you are experiencing any of the following call us:

Bats living in the chimney
Scent because of bat droppings
Bats swarming around building
Bat stuck inside the house

The most powerful system of bat control is exclusion. A technician will first visit the problem area and upon inspecting your roof or attic will provide a recommendation.

Our technician will perform a comprehensive review to find out the bats important points of entry and possible entry points.

Upon the installation of one way doors, bats will be allowed to exit the premises but not re-enter. In the event of a big or more recognized colony it might even be needed to clear up any droppings present in your loft.

In any event, our bat removal services are effective. Call us to discuss solutions.