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Wildlife control and removal technicians in Hamilton. Humane solutions to nuisance wildlife problems. Our technicians are effective in removing raccoons, squirrels, skunks, birds, pigeons and other small nuisance urban wildlife.

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  • Squirrels
  • Skunks
  • Bats
  • Birds

Humane animal control in Hamilton Burlington, Stoney Creek, Grimsby, Beamsville, Ancaster, Brantford

Dependable raccoon removal options. Raccoons are removed by us from lofts, sheds, garages. Contact us today. Raccoons can cause thousands of dollars of damage to an attic, roofing, insulation or other structures. They are most active at night. Raccoon “break-ins” are mostly done by mother raccoons in search for warm and dark places to raise their young. If raccoons are keeping you up at night, call us. We will send a technician to assess the situation at no cost.

Our technicians remove squirrels and seal all entry points to make certain your premises will be entered by no squirrels again. Squirrels in urban areas live longer than their wild counterparts. In most parts they do not hibernate. They enter attics and soffits in search of shelter and to raise their young. They are active all year round and breed twice per year. If you are hearing noises emanating from your roof during the morning hours, chances are you are dealing with squirrels. Call us and we will inspect the situation and provide recommendations.

Skunk trapping and removal solutions. Don’t risk getting sprayed. Call us and we will get the job done. Skunks are most active during the summer months. They frequently make their way in Hamilton backyards. Run-ins with skunks are quite common. Both for people and pets. They often burrow under decks, trees or other structures. Aside from the foul smell they emit, they often cause problems in gardens.

Our technicians can remove bats and offer exclusion services which are effective. Bats often roost in attics and roofs. The most common bat in the Hamilton area is the Little Brown Bat. They feed on insects and mosquitoes so they can be your pest control ally. However they can create substantial colonies which can be of concern. Their feces can carry harmful pathogen and other contaminants. If you have spotted a bad problem, give us a call. We can visit the premises, take a look and provide recommendations on dealing with the problem.


Effective solutions for birds such as pigeons. Humane and effective bird exclusion solutions. Pigeons are one of the most common problem bird. They can create contamination and problems to business and home owners alike. Our solutions for bird control consist of making the affected areas inaccessible to these pest birds. We use spikes and consult on the removal or attractants.

Our prices are affordable, our services are effective and guaranteed